Finishing the Basement Into a Theatre Room

Gone are the days when the basement’s only use is to store old stuff. You can’t believe how other people spend a lot of money with their basements. I personally love the basement not only because I go down there when I want to relax but also, it’s probably the most flexible room in the house which allows homeowners to convert it into pretty much what they want. Most people nowadays choose in finishing the basement into a theatre room. Well I can’t really blame them because the basement has good characteristics that make an awesome movie room because of the absence of natural light. In addition to that, sound proofing is not a problem anymore so you can be assured that watching movies in the basement will always be a wonderful experience for you and your family. Also, a basement home theatre adds significant value to your home.

Finishing the basement into a theatre-like room is not that difficult. You just have to decide what color scheme and what furniture to buy and of course the obvious equipment you need like TV, DVD or Blu-Ray Disc player and surround sound speakers. In-ceiling speakers are the best if you want to duplicate an actual movie house. Since the basement is a separate part of the house, you can actually choose not to follow your house’s overall theme. Whether you want to use bright and bold colors or warm and subtle, it’s completely up to you.

After deciding on the color scheme and the equipment, the next thing to do when finishing the basement into a theatre room is purchasing furniture. I got so excited when I found out that you can actually buy those seats that they use in theatres! Home theatre seating comes in a variety of design, fabric and colors. You can even buy those seats with a common arm. You can choose from micro fiber fabric to micro fiber suede, to faux leather and premium leather. Be creative and add movie posters, they’re pretty cheap and some are sold for only $40. Put up your favorite movie posters on your walls to mimic the theatre look. You can also install wall lamps to complete the look. Have fun in designing your own theatre room and trust me this will definitely pay off in the end.