Finishing the Basement Into a Theatre Room

Gone are the days when the basement’s only use is to store old stuff. You can’t believe how other people spend a lot of money with their basements. I personally love the basement not only because I go down there when I want to relax but also, it’s probably the most flexible room in the house which allows homeowners to convert it into pretty much what they want. Most people nowadays choose in finishing the basement into a theatre room. Well I can’t really blame them because the basement has good characteristics that make an awesome movie room because of the absence of natural light. In addition to that, sound proofing is not a problem anymore so you can be assured that watching movies in the basement will always be a wonderful experience for you and your family. Also, a basement home theatre adds significant value to your home.

Finishing the basement into a theatre-like room is not that difficult. You just have to decide what color scheme and what furniture to buy and of course the obvious equipment you need like TV, DVD or Blu-Ray Disc player and surround sound speakers. In-ceiling speakers are the best if you want to duplicate an actual movie house. Since the basement is a separate part of the house, you can actually choose not to follow your house’s overall theme. Whether you want to use bright and bold colors or warm and subtle, it’s completely up to you.

After deciding on the color scheme and the equipment, the next thing to do when finishing the basement into a theatre room is purchasing furniture. I got so excited when I found out that you can actually buy those seats that they use in theatres! Home theatre seating comes in a variety of design, fabric and colors. You can even buy those seats with a common arm. You can choose from micro fiber fabric to micro fiber suede, to faux leather and premium leather. Be creative and add movie posters, they’re pretty cheap and some are sold for only $40. Put up your favorite movie posters on your walls to mimic the theatre look. You can also install wall lamps to complete the look. Have fun in designing your own theatre room and trust me this will definitely pay off in the end.

Everything You Want to Know About Setting Up a Home Theater Room

Setting up a home movie theater room starts with a plan. Start your set up by sitting down and drawing up a plan to reach your ultimate goal. A few years ago, I bought a home with a room designated for a home theater system. The room needed a movie screen, projector and media chairs. When I started this room, I thought it would be simple. But in reality, it actually required a lot of thought and attention to detail. Prior to my purchase, I never would’ve expected this to be so much work. It all starts with the size of the room. The size of the room will help determine how large of a screen will fit in the area and still be proportionate with the room. Other considerations, include determining the electronic equipment and furniture that will work with the room without making it cluttered or uncomfortable.

First, you must review the projector, audio speakers and audio video equipment desired. Every projector will have a throw distance. This is the distance between the projector and the movie screen. Your projector will have a minimum and maximum throw distance. Make sure you don’t miscalculate these measurements, as they could make your video projection too big or small depending on the model. This type of project should only be handled by professionals. If not, you’ll likely be remodeling the room after your installation is complete. Nobody wants to incur additional expenses on any project.

Now, consider how the system will be wired. The equipment has to be placed somewhere in the room, make sure its precise because the wrong choices could leave you with a lot of extra expenses. Determine how many speakers will be a part of your system. Then determine the connection between your audio/video receiver and speakers. Try and decide on a location for each of these components before your finalize any of your order.

After you’ve gotten ideas for a projector, movie screen, audio video equipment and wiring you’ll need to start reviewing the cosmetic aspects of the room. Cosmetics really set the ambience in your room from paint to carpet and curtains to light fixtures. Knowing what you want is very important before getting started. If you’re installing carpet or painting the walls make sure you choose medium to dark toned colors. In my opinion, the darker the color the better. If you’ve ever noticed a commercial movie theater with the light on, they have walls that are black and if there is color it’s typically deep red, green or blue in general. We usually find color in curtains, I decided against the traditional red curtains in exchange chose a deep charcoal gray and surrounded the back wall with padding to help with the audio acoustics.

Last, you’ll want to pick out those fancy media chairs. You can fit more people in the room with the space saver seating. These seats are like the ones you see at the traditional movie theater.They lay side by side and share the arm rest to save the most space. This gives you ability to fit maybe one, two or ten extra people in your home theater. Can’t decide, consider hiring a home theater consultant and interior designer.

Home Theater Seating For Your Movie Room

Planning to set up a movie room is a big decision, and a big investment too. When you are starting up, you need to pick the proper entertainment equipment and what type of seating you want to use. The main thing to consider is that comfortable seating is central, because it enables you to enjoy the movie rather than be distracted by an uncomfortable chair.

Lots of things need to be considered when it comes to buying home theater seating and are space requirements, budget, and the d├ęcor of your room will always play a deciding role. Other things that needs to be considered are TV viewing distance, and how many people you want to be able to seat at once.

Proper movie room setups and furniture can turn your room into a cinematic palace with a real movie house look and feel. The seating options available today are as good as what’s found in professional movie theaters, but are available in different styles, fabrics, shapes, and sizes to suit your own needs. You can have all the media entertainment you want by designing your home theater seating arrangements in an effective way.

Home theater seating is available in different types, so that you can make any floorplan you want, so long as you have the room for it. That makes it easy to make your movie room absolutely perfect, from screen to walls to the absolute best seating options imaginable. All you have to do is know what you want to achieve.