Movie Posters for Living Room

It is so common for people to use their living rooms more as a Television or Theatre room where they usually watch their favourite movies and television shows all day long. Have you ever realized that your Theatre room or so called Television room cum living room has an ambiance that actually makes you disinterested into the movie or show? The best solution for this problem is use movie posters to decorate the walls of living room so that inspires the area around in a very positive manner. You can use several of the classical movie posters to the new age films to decorate the walls in a more modern way. So here are some quick handy tips for you to follow that makes it easier to decorate rooms using film posters.

1. Movie Era: The best way to start is to concentrate you towards the classical movies of a particular era that have ruled the box office as well as its fans all the way long till date. There are several collection of Godfather movie posters available on the internet over art prints and poster web store. You can also choose to get these film posters framed through the online custom framing module that makes it a lot easier to actually visualize. Along with Godfather you can also choose Gone with the Wind as it is amongst the most classical films of all times. If you like the Sci-FI era then go in with a range of Star War movie posters that can leave unique mark on the room wall decor.

2. Room Colour: Old movie posters are in a true sense a real piece of art when compared to their counterparts as they where hand drawn, painted and then digitally reproduced for a mass print run. So you shall always find a plethora of colours, contrasts, vibrancy and colour themes to stick according to walls of your room.

3. Mood and Theme: You can also choose if you would like to choose a theme that is more romantic or something as whimsical as the Wizard of Oz posters. If it has to be romantic then there is nothing expect for Casablanca movie posters that you are looking for since this movie itself is synonyms for romantic movies even after over fifty years of its release.

4. Fan Wall: If you have someone in the Hollywood movies industry to admire or you or the fan of then this is the best way to show your dedication to them. Use posters of your favourite celebrity all over the wall to display your love for him or her.

5. Budget: While you can always spend a fortune on decorating a wall but when you do so for a left out room as living room you shall always need to fix a budget that is really necessary. So if you would like a poster for less than Rs. One thousand then finding it on an online poster store is the best option for you. If budget is not a concern then you can go in for original or limited edition old movie posters that are made available by movie poster collectors and keeping watch of any such auctions is always mandatory.

You can always browse thousands of movie posters from Hollywood movies to bollywood movies from and search for several of them.

A Blu-Ray DVD Can Turn an Average Saturday Night Into Movie Night

Family entertainment can be very expensive. Taking a family of four out to a movie can cost as much seventy five dollars for the tickets and popcorn. Instead of going out pick one night every weekend and make it family movie night in. These nights are great for getting the entire family together for quality time. Blu-ray DVDs make watching movies in your home feel as though you are in a theater.

Getting the children involved with movie night teaches them responsibility and the importance of family time. All they need is a piece of construction paper, a few colored pencils, and they can make tickets for family members to use to enter the movie room. Have them make the tickets, give them to household members and let them collect them as they enter the room.

Make popcorn ahead of time and put in brown lunch sacks for each member. Many of the other snacks available at the movie theater can be purchased in movie size containers to go along with the popcorn. Having everyone’s drinks in plastic cups that have attached straws will add even more theater ambiance.

Have a different family member pick the movie each week. For convenience the online movie clubs and stores make it simple to order, and videos are delivered in the mail. Or for alone time with the child whose turn it is to pick the movie, take them to a video store to pick out this weeks showing.

3D movies are always a big hit because the kids get to wear glasses and laugh at the parents for wearing theirs. Often times you can find discounted movies at a local department store for a couple of dollars. Buying movies when they are discounted is a great way to build a video library at home.

Have a scheduled time each week for the movie premier. Provide the kids with small flashlights and they can usher the movie goers into the darkened room. Children love having important jobs such as usher or popcorn server. Put the video in, get comfortable and enjoy your time with the family.

Put in the blu-ray DVD and sit back to enjoy some good fun family time. After the movie let the children give a review. Older children can interview the family for their thoughts and opinion on the latest household movies.

“From Up on Poppy Hill” Movie Review

“From Up on Poppy Hill” is the new family-friendly film from Oscar-winning director Hayao Miyazaki (“Spirited Away”) and son Goro Miyazaki. The animated feature film is a beautifully hand-drawn story of two high school kids falling in love in a Japanese seaside town during the 1960s while the country was rebuilding after World War II. The appeal of a universal love story set during this fascinating time in history is compelling enough to entertain viewers of all ages.

Shun and Umi, the movie’s hero and heroine respectively, are growing up in Yokohama in 1963. Their budding romance grows in a small town while the rest of the country is focused on the upcoming 1964 Olympics to be held in Tokyo. Miyazaki creates a nostalgic feel that audiences will relate to as if they too grew up in the hilly town. Everything in the film rings true, from the details of the architecture and vehicles of the time to the intense feelings of the young characters.

Umi is a high school junior watching over her two younger siblings while her mother is absent. The resourceful young woman must be two parents for her siblings as their father died during the Korean War. Their mother is studying aboard, leaving Umi to watch over the kids and pitch in at the boarding house run by her grandmother. Fans of “The Tudors” may recognize the voice of Irish actress Sarah Bolger in the English version. Masami Nagasawa does the Japanese voice acting for Umi.

The audience meets the film’s hero Shun when Umi answers a question he placed in the school’s newspaper. Every morning, Umi runs two signal flags up a flagpole, an action that catches Shun’s attention. He asks who the girl is sending “thoughts to the sky,” and eventually Umi goes to the newspaper office to answer in person. The two recognize their instant chemistry, but in the polite and modest tone of the film take their time exploring their attraction. When an obstacle gets in the way of their love, the young couple must deal with the consequences of a buried secret that threatens to force them apart.

Hayao Miyazaki brings some of the storytelling magic viewers saw in “Spirited Away” to this new film co-written with Keiko Niwa. Goro Miyazaki directs, not his Oscar-winning father, but you can see influences in Goro Miyazaki’s style. “From Up on Poppy Hill” draws viewers into the beautifully constructed world Miyazaki creates, a rare ability that his father also possesses. Viewers won’t see the element of fantasy the elder Miyazaki is known for, but they will enjoy how deeply they are brought into the realistic story of Shun and Umi.

The brilliance of the film lies in the theme of change as the country’s past and future clash, while the past creates an obstacle for the kids’ future together. Japan is moving into a new era as it recovers from World War II and invites the world to visit for the Olympics, yet the director’s desire to hold onto some of Japan’s traditions and past is also clearly shown. This theme is most exemplified in a bold action by Shun, who jumps off the roof of a Meiji-era building in protest of the school’s desire to tear it down and replace it with a modern construction. Shun is punished for his action, but Umi respects it, and it is part of what draws them to each other. Shun’s efforts to save the building echo the director’s message that the past must be respected and remembered. Miyazaki’s passion and brilliance succeed in convincing the audience. The character of Shun is voiced by Anton Yelchin in the English version. Junichi Okada performs the Japanese voice acting.

The mood of the film is one of optimism and hope, which is enhanced by the film’s music. The pop music is sweet and matches the innocence of the main characters, but like the story itself, the music contains important messages delivered in an entertaining medium. The soundtrack includes a classic hit from 1963, “Sukiyaki,” a decision that is not surprising considering the meticulous efforts of the director to stay true to the film’s timeframe.

Also true to that point in history is the conflict that was felt everywhere in 1963. Shun and Umi experience conflict in their relationship and conflict in their fight to prevent the destruction of the building known as the Latin Quarter. The determination and bravery the children show may inspire many young viewers.

From Up on Poppy Hill” is the first collaboration for father and son, but it feels like the two are longtime partners in filmmaking.